Binoculars Enkeeo 10×42 – The BEST binoculars for birdwatching of 2018

The Enkeeo 10×42 binoculars are the favorite choice of birdwatching experts. Its particular design, comfort, lightness, and its unbeatable value for money, make them the best binoculars of 2018, perfect for field trips, bird watching and travel.

Prismáticos Enkeeo 10x42


Technical specifications:

1- Extension: X10

2- Target diameter: 42 mm

3- Pupil exit: 4 mm

4- Field of vision: 304 feet, 1000 yards

5- Eye relief: 13.6 mm

6- Weight: 633g

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Advantages compared to other binoculars

The most important thing when buying a binocular is to know the advantages it offers compared to others in the same range. Here you will see the most remarkable ones:

1- Unbeatable price: You will probably find cheaper binoculars, but there are none that offer the quality guarantees of their materials or a design designed for the comfort of the user who competes in relation to quality with the Enkeeo 10×42 binoculars.

2- Fair weight: If you are a person who goes to the field to observe birds or the nature in general, you know that walking many hours with something heavy is extremely uncomfortable. That is why Enkeeo binoculars are the ideal choice. With a weight of only 633 gr. These binoculars become your ideal ally in field trips and / or trekking.

3- First quality optical: The first time you observe through the Enkeeo, you will not be able to believe it. For the price you’re going to pay, you’re wearing binoculars that have an outstanding sharpness in the market, along with the big brands. You will also notice that the chromatic aberration is practically imperceptible. When I say that the price-quality ratio is unbeatable, believe me I’m not exaggerating.

4- Easy focus: Its great sharpness and brightness make focusing a target with Enkeeo binoculars extremely easy, ideal for when you are in the field watching a bird that can escape at any time.

5- Refined finishes: These binoculars have a unique design, having nothing to envy to the big brands. The edges are perfectly rounded, with ergonomic design and soft feel and, last but not least, the mechanics is of the highest quality.

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Check out the Enkeeo 10×42 binoculars

Now you will see a video where the binoculars are shown from all angles. As you will notice, the binoculars follow the same line of perfection that is characteristic of the Enkeeo brand.

Final conclusion: The best binoculars for bird watching

Perfect for an endless number of reasons, Enkeeo 10×42 binoculars will become your best ally in field trips. Their size and weight are fair, making them very easy to transport, especially for long periods of time. Its particular design and comfort, stand out from the rest.

Finally, a point in favor of the Enkeeo 10×42 is its unbeatable value for money. It is an exaggeratedly economic model for the outstanding benefits of this product, which is at the same level as the major brands.

The experts in birdwatching have a very clear opinion: they all recommend the Enkeeo 10×48 binoculars as the best choice of this 2018.

In case you are looking for binoculars of these characteristics, the Enkeeo 10×48 are your best choice.

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